The Games app Clash of Clans is one of the most famous and successful Games apps in the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and for Android . Developer Supercell brings for Clash of Clans and regular updates , so the players have to do constantly . For this reason, we have written a comprehensive article about Clash of Clans , which not only provides tips, tricks and cheats , but also find a variety of information about buildings , clans and friends and create a clan, it also talks in depth about CoC Private Servers and how to play on them via the use of a CoC Private Switcher .


Clash of Clans can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for free and offers a good depth of play . The app has been downloaded millions of times and achieves an average rating of 4.5 stars . Especially motivating are especially great game high score , with which you can compare with other players and clans . In addition to the simple game currency there in Clash of Clans and jewels , to which we will also lose a word . Now we come to the tips and tricks for Clash of Clans . Most should be himself found after a short games, but maybe there is one or the other to do this , that you have not known . By this we have then a Tips and Tricks Guide for the town hall of Clash of Clans . First, however, general tips and tricks on Clash of Clans, afterwards we will talk about the CoC Private Switcher .

At the beginning of Clash of Clans you have to defend only against invading goblins , which are sand from the Goblin King . It is also important to attack the goblins . Later you have to then compete against real players , which is called PvP battles . In the battles against the computer you can , however, gain experience , which can then be against real players from benefits . For the attack should the archers + giant balloons or + archers together form the rest . Balloons this worthwhile but only after a certain upgrade level .

It is wise to carry out numerous attacks against the enemy , because that one gets a number of resources that can be put in the expansion of its castle or town hall and other buildings . There are many extremely resource for an attack , you should also make sure that there is enough warehouses (eg . Gold storage ) are available . Of course warehouses can also geupgraded . If one has not enough space , so dissipated some of the resources , which is not optimal for a CoC Private Switcher .

Tips and tricks for the defense in Clash of Clans
There are several strategies in terms of defense in Clash of Clans . One strategy is to build its main building defenses , which are in turn protected by walls . Another strategy is to build more protective walls . Again, the main building as a warehouse and main house should be built in the middle . Therefore several walls should be built . The more the better. This strategy is worthwhile only at level 8 , otherwise not enough building sites are available .

As your units do not serve in Clash of Clans and only the attack , one should therefore focus its perfect. Who is in a clan ( more on that later ) can from the Clan Castle Request units then also serve the defense . These are all tactics that work on CoC Private Servers as well .

Start playing on this CoC Private Server 2016 and enjoy the game at its full potential. Clash of Clans is a popular mobile game for mobile operating devices and has milions of players . You can now play the game without spending any money on resources at all. Top players in CoC are usually at the top because of their vast amount of resources they purchased with real money, rather than skill . This is very unfortunate for skilled players who want to prove their worth so they have to turn to Private Servers instead where everyone is equal and starts with infinite resources !

Play Clash of Clans and experience a true Strategy Game on Mobile devices where milions of other players play the game . This game is highly popular due to its amazing visuals and gameplay mechanics which allow the player to fully customize his village . You can also create an army and raid another player’s village, looting and plundering other players . This is a very fun mechanic which can be used when playing with your friends . The game released 4 years ago but it is still the number 1 game for mobile devices and it is getting constant updates, ensuring that it remains at the top for a long time .

However, the game isn’t without any issues. The main problem players face when playing CoC is the lack of Gold and Gems, which can be bought with real money . Fortunately for players, there is a CoC Private Server available which allows you to play without any restrictions at all ! This means that once you get into the game you have milions of gems, gold and elixir at your disposal for building your village and your army . Usually, on private servers, you can only play offline, but on the linked private server you can play online with thousands of other players !

So come ahead and play on the Clash of Clans Private Server to maximize the enjoyment you get out of the game ! With max gems and gold you can do anything you want in-game and you won’t have to spend a single dime at all . This private server can be installed very easily (only takes about 1-2 minutes) and you can switch between it and the official one very easily as well ! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t try this, if you are a huge fan of Clash of Clans .